Words of Wisdom Press Releaae

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Words of Wisdom Press Release

Author shares contemplative reflections in new book
Abdallah Nacereddine pens new nonfiction, ‘Words of Wisdom’

Abdallah Nacereddine shares five decades of practical insight and life experience in his new book, “Words of Wisdom: A Collection of Verse, Philosophical Introspections, Maxims and Aphorisms”, published by AuthorHouse.

          From a very young age, in the remote mountains of Algeria, Nacereddine was known for his so-called “Words of Wisdom” – not amusing, childish or insignificant words, but something very wise and solemn. Family members, relatives and neighbors even reminded him of them many years later. But in an illiterate society, no one recorded them in writing.

          It was only in the 1960s, thanks to the books he read, mainly on Western philosophy, that Nacereddine started to write down his thoughts and reflections. They were an immediate  success among his circle of friends and acquaintances, and he published three books from 1967 to 1970. During trips to Japan, his writings in English and French were very much appreciated and translated into Japanese for publication in literary reviews.

          After teaching Arabic and producing textbooks for many years, Nacereddine started writing again. He produced a new book in 2004, and published his “Words of Wisdom” in English, Arabic and French on his website. Thanks to their success, this book is published to bring his writings, in English in the form of couplets, to a new audience. An index gives the reader access to their themes, which include life, love, suffering and healing.

          The website contains hundreds of pages on various subjects. They are all visited from time to time. Among the most consulted are the pages entitled Words of Wisdom in three languages: Arabic, English and French. They were mainly in Arabic, at the very beginning. One of them, particularly, Words of Wisdom-Arabic (6), was the most visited. It consists of seven couplets. It is no wonder that it became a universal anthem. Nacereddine was really delighted, but not at all surprised, because he knew the reason why. This verse happened to have something from each of the following: Tao Te Ching (Taoism); Bhagavad-Gita (Hinduism); Buddha’s doctrine (Buddhism); Psalm 23 (Old Testament); the Lord’s Prayer (New Testament); the Koran and Hadith (Islam) and from the Hellenistic philosophy of Zeno of Citium (c. 334-262 B.C) (Stoicism).

          It is obvious that Nacereddine is deeply affected by all these great world religions and philosophies to which he is very grateful.

          Later on, he added a few pages in Arabic and French, and a considerable number in English, each containing around six couplets. Each page is visited from time to time. Amazingly, some of them in different languages are visited daily from different cities of 177 countries in five continents: from China in the East to the USA in the West; from Norway in the North to South Africa in the South, as well as from all the countries of the Arab World: from Kuwait, in the Middle East, to Morocco, in North Africa, as well as from Islands in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans, and the Caribbean.

           When Nacereddine looks at the usage statistics of his website, he is interested and impressed since he realizes that there are still many people who are looking for peace and wisdom in a semi-mad world where violence reigns. Another interesting phenomenon he notices daily is that visitors from different continents, i.e., far from each other, happen to visit the same pages of Words of Wisdom at different hours of the same day, given the time difference, and, amazingly, sometimes simultaneously. It means that people, whoever, whenever and wherever they are, could communicate constantly telepathically, relate and are linked to each other by the Universal Mind.

Available from the publisher: www.authorhouse.com and on www.amazon.com

Abdallah Nacereddine is a former teacher of Arabic, UNOG, 1976-1999 –