The Subconscious Mind Functioning

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How the Subconscious Mind Functions

According to psychologists, the subconscious mind does blindly what it is told, what it hears from you or from anyone, be he or she a friend or an enemy, whether what it hears is good or bad, right or wrong, a joke or serious talk.

          For this reason, as you must pay attention to what other people say to you, you must always to be careful about what you say to yourself. Because anything you say, whether mentally or out loud, is an order you are giving to your subconscious mind to execute. If you say, “I am getting better,” it makes you well. If you say, “I am getting worse,” it makes you sick. Similarly, when someone tells you, “You look awful, today,” even it was only a joke, you immediately must counter what you have just heard by saying in a positive way, “I am wonderful, I feel wonderful, today.” Say it in the present and in a positive, not in a negative way, i.e. “I am not awful,” because your subconscious mind registers only the last word, be it positive or negative. It is a very obedient fellow. It executes orders without reasoning. It does not distinguish a joke from something serious, a compliment from an insult. It is also very important to put your affirmations always in the present tense because your subconscious mind acts only in the present, not the future. In other words, it works only in the here and now. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow for it. For example, if you ask your subconscious mind, as you may ask anybody, to do something for you tomorrow, when tomorrow comes it does not carry out the action, and if you ask it why it did not do what it was told, it will simply reply, “But you said ‘tomorrow.” It would be in vain to explain to it that today was yesterday’s tomorrow and will be tomorrow’s yesterday. Similarly, when I say that the subconscious mind does not understand jokes, I mean very well what I say. I did not say it does not like jokes, because it does not know what the words like and dislike mean, either. One other thing we have to be very careful about is: words we repeat like a mantra, but are negative words, mindlessly, without being aware of what we are saying. They could be very damaging to our health. That is why we must constantly be mindful of what we are saying and thinking, because, again, our subconscious mind does not negotiate or bargain. It takes all it hears as an order to execute right away like a servant or a soldier. It does not ask, “Are you sure that is really what you want me to do?” In other words, the subconscious mind has no feelings, opinions. It doesn’t think, judge, reason, argue. It just makes you feel the way you feel, however the circumstances.(1)

       It is quite all right to repeat something positive. But the trouble is that if one continuously repeats something negative, it may do great damage. Even if one does not understand it on a conscious level, one’s subconscious mind understands everything and puts into action what is continuously repeated.(2)

        It is advisable to say your affirmations right before going to bed in order to instruct your subconscious mind, which is wide awake all the time, to do the work for you during the night while you are sound asleep.

Important: Whenever you engage in a negative self-talk, be aware of it and convert it immediately into positive. You can change the way you feel by the way you think.

One day we think that one thing is bad; the next, we think that it is good.
Things remain the same. They don’t change. What changes is our mood.

No need to ask our point of view about things. One can tell from the way we look.
Happy, we see things beautiful; sad, we see them ugly. It depends on our outlook.


(1) Nacereddine, Abdallah . To Be Oneself: The Tragicomedy of an Unfinished
Life History
. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2008. Vol. 2, pages 486-487.
(2) Ibid., Vol. 1, p. 147.

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