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An address to the Arab-Muslim Women
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Words of Wisdom in English (31) by Abdallah Nacereddine

It is obvious, without women there would have been no men.
Men know very well that they owe their existence to women.

Carried and nourished for nine long months in their abdomen.
Yet some men do not scruple to regard women as a bad omen.

Men had put now the world in such a mess. All you see is hatred, war and violence.
It is high time for women to intervene for establishing love peace and benevolence.

Women are the majority. Therefore, they should be the ruling class. That is democracy.
Men know that well, but they say one thing and do another. Their policy is but a fallacy.

When you as a couple do care and really love each another,
You do not feel alone. Even apart, you are always together.

Men and women aren't one superior and another inferior. They complement each other.
Many a woman wrongly feels she is diminished, unless she gives birth, she is a mother.

A woman has surely manifold missions here in this life, on earth,
Other than being merely a good housewife, a mother, giving birth.

Excerpts (Last Couplets, page 31)

It makes really no difference whether you live in a tent or in a castle.
What interests you is to be treated like a human being not like cattle.

What is the use of going in the hereafter to paradise,
If you are treated in this world just like merchandise?

In other words, what is really the use of having a good life in the far future,
If, in this very present moment, you are treated just like a piece of furniture.

Don't wait for him to give you your freedom. Don't be mistaken.
He never would. Be realistic. Freedom is never given; it’s taken.

Wherever you are, unite and free yourselves, Sisters.
You absolutely have nothing to lose but your fetters

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