Latest Writings (3/3)

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It is easier to kill a man than to convince him.
Or, it is harder to convince a man than to kill him.

 When men fail to use the word,
They have recourse to the sword.

Then they give themselves the right to wage a war.
They know not what they're doing. They're unaware.

Of the all the ruin, the harm, the damage
They cause others and their very self-image.

The civilized are the cause of the all the ravages,
Absolutely not of whom they label as savages.

They do all the slaughtering and the killing afterward
That is done most of the time in the name of the Lord.

They expect to get for their deed a reward.
In the hereafter as well as in this world.

If I were a religious man: as a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew,
How would I pray and worship God, in your point of view?

How would I worship God?
I worship Him by doing good
and abstaining from doing evil,
and also by silent prayers.
Thus I do not have to devote any place
or time to worship and devotion
during the week, the day, or at night,
being in a state of worship and devotion
everywhere and all the time,
throughout the week, day, and night.
For it is only my behavior in everyday existence,
the way I live each minute, each hour,
the right I do, the wrong I abstain from doing,
that does count.
In other words, what really counts
is not observing the Sabbath,
going to church every Sunday,
nor praying five times a day,
that make me righteous, virtuous, pious,
but what I do and the way I behave in between,