Latest Writings (2/3)

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When you hear an argument, do not be too impulsive in making comments.
If you have to, think about what you should say and wait for a few moments.

With all the wars that are going on in the world, is still the UN of great worth?
Yes. No doubt about it. Without it the conditions would have sure been worse.

Everybody feel pity on some sick writers who made their illness a national affair.
What about caring too for the millions of silent sick people? It would be very fair.

You may wonder, 'Who are these celebrities about whom people make a big fuss

When they only sneeze?' When we ordinary people get ill nobody cares about us.

All the Nobel Peace Prize winners become popular, because they make lots of noise.
What about those who strive for world peace but silently about whom nobody knows?

They certainly strive for peace for its own sake, not for getting any praise.
In other words, not for the sake of becoming popular and winning a prize.

Their concept of peace could be different. They stay home. They don’t go out
In the street and mix with the mob. They do pray for peace. They don’t shout. -

If you want no one to know what you do, do not do it. Sooner or later it will be known.
It is like hiding something under snow. When it melts sooner or later it'll be all shown.

You won't do alone what you would be ashamed to do before everyone. You do not hide.
You reveal everything unless it's a private matter. You're transparent, as inside so outside.

When someone is mad at you, he takes any good words you say to him as an insult.
The only way to please him is to send him a gentle t-mail. Thus, you'll get a good result.

A college degree is a proof that you learned something someone has chosen arbitrarily for you.
You can select what you want to know and learn it without having to go through any scenario.

It certainly is impossible to change the world, people and things.
One can change the way one looks them and the way one thinks.

Nothing is actually in the hand of a selected few. All is within everyone's reach.
You've access to all you want. You sure can be very knowledgeable, grow rich.

You do what you want. You need no one's permission, no one’s license,
You no longer abide to anybody's rules, for they make for you no sense.

The food you take you thin you are allergic to doesn't sicken you. It's your suggestion.
If you take the same food without knowing it, you likely wouldn't have indigestion.

Let each part of us that is grown up, mature take care of our inner child.
So let that part of us that's civilized watch over the other part that's wild.