Latest Writings (1/3)

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Don't crave to be famous. It would be much better for you to live incognito.
Being a prisoner of your celebrity, you must behave as people expect you to.

Only when you stop searching, will you really find what you seek.
As you start getting much better, when you are sick of being sick.

When we are joyful, we perceive life all rosy and in bloom.
When we are depressed we perceive it as doom and gloom.

When someone says something that seems harsh, he may not mean to be rude.
Just as when he seems to be too interested in you, he may not mean to intrude.

What you are going through at present is enough. So why not just relax and let go?
You sure need not suffer from what had happened in the past, i.e, a long time ago.

No matter how good or great a man is, he cannot be better or greater than Socrates.
His mistreating wife could not be worse than Kanthippe. So, he accepts his status.

You think before you talk. What you say could be quite shocking,
Taken literally, even if you are not really serious but only joking.

Don’t be influenced by people's talk as to make you joyful or sad
Because of something nice or bad without thinking they have said.

Don't be too tight. Relax. Don't take life very seriously. It is all the same
Whether you win or lose, succeed or fail in what you do, it's only a game.

People do not read photocopies given to them. They can read them if they think the can.
They say they do not have time. All photocopies are wasted. They end up in the trashcan.

We think we are free, but we are all slaves, dominated by not the living but by the dead.
Whether we are guided in the right path or misled, we abide to what by they said and did.

Before saying and doing something, play it as a movie in you mind, sequence by sequence.
Imagining having actually said and done it already enables you to foresee the consequence.

You aren’t concerned with what people do or say to or about each other.
By all means,
you are not responsible for what happens to them either.

When you perform a good deed do not expect any reward.
Not even to be thanked, neither immediately nor afterward.

When you accomplish a good deed, you do it for its own sake.
If you expect a reward and do not get any, you head will ache.

You ought to be
Just like a bee.

How could that ever be possible? A bee spends all its time to make honey,
But does not expect to be thanked for its deed nor get out of it any money.